Mason jars: Versatile and on sale!

Yesterday evening the Mr and I were at WalMart picking up some necessities when I noticed mason jars on sale!  Not just mason jars, but boxes of 12, 500ml mason jars for under $10.


After doing some research, it seems as though regular prices for a box of this size is around $15.  But hey, $5 is $5 and this Dutch girl wouldn’t be able to pass up these savings…if I were using mason jars in my wedding.  I’m not, but I do love me a mason jar.  There are plenty of brides that do use them!

Miss Espresso is filling mason jars with flowers to use as centerpieces.


Ever-crafty Martha’s use of ribbons along the rim against a pale blue background lends an almost ethereal look to these jars holding candles.


And finally, a charming, outdoors-y look that I love: Hanging mason jars with candles.


Wow. Such a versatile item with so many ways to use it!  Are you using mason jars in your wedding? How?


Playing Favorites on Etsy

Like so many other brides, Etsy has been a huge source of inspiration for me while wedding planning.  When I’m not looking for the perfect brooch to accent my dress (more on that later!) or reading DIY tutorials, I like to jump from shop to shop using the “Favorites” feature. You’ll end up finding things you never even dreamed of, like soap made from beer. Yes, I said beer.  I think my family might see this in a holiday gift swap…

For today’s favorites jump, I actually started from decor8, where Holly had linked to an item in things by bubbo-tubbo that I liked for myself (not wedding related…although it seems that bubbo does calligraphy).  I clicked on bubbo’s favorites and immediately noticed these Chic Calendar Tags:

What a cute way to count down the days!  Elle’s Studio has charming paper products, including sets of “Crazy Numbers”!  Are you having a Christmas wedding? Do you need table numbers? How about these:

The numbers 1 through 31 (well more than you’ll need!) are included in the Christmas Brights letter set.

The studio also has a monthly special.  September’s special includes a calendar as well as journalling tags.  Love it!  While checking out Elle’s profile, I noticed that today is her birthday. Happy birthday, Elle!

In Elle’s favorites, I found a collection of ribbons, rickrack, and more in an item called Trims n Things from Sweet Things by MaraMay.  MaraMay puts together these unique pieces in complementary colors – no two are alike! How much fun would these be to use if there was one in your wedding colors?

Take a look at her Patiotic Picks, too.  She suggests using them on cupcakes!  They look like a really easy DIY project, too.

Finally, I reached an item that made me nearly faint.  It is possibly the cutest thing I have ever seen on Etsy!

Tutus for your dog or cat from Weeping Willow Creations.  Oh. My. Word.  And, you can order matching ones for children (and adults!).  This makes me want to include a dog in my wedding party, and have it match the flower girl.  *swoon*

Whew! *wipes forehead* I must know, because I’m sure you have one too: What Etsy item made your jaw drop recently?

Who are we, anyway?

Hi blogoshpere!

Welcome to the story of a wedding.  My story in particular is over a year in the making, as I’ve been engaged since August of 2007.  We made the agonizing (for me!) decision to hold off on any planning whatsoever until January of 08, in part because of my classes, and also my sister’s wedding in October.  Sometimes I would give anything to have those relaxing few months back, but other times (such as when we hire a new vendor or make another wedding-related decision) I revel in the knowledge that thanks to my efforts, we are going to have a beautiful day with friends and family to celebrate our love.

The Mr. and I have been together for just over 5 years.  We love to hit the links together, go for a bike ride, catch a flick, and play with our cat, Max.  Normally we would also enjoy playing Wii, but until we get a new sensor bar to replace the one that doesn’t work since Max chewed through the cord, we’re kinda stuck.

I work for a small start-up, specializing in socal media marketing and sales.  I adore my job and a huge plus is the fact that my employers are one of my best friends since I was 11 and her husband!  The Mr. is a electronics technician and spends most of his day driving around from client to client fixing photocopiers and setting up networks.  Although he hasn’t been working for his employer for very long, he’s already one of the top technicians in the province.  I’m incredibly proud of him!

Stay tuned over the next few months as I share the ups and downs of planning our wedding with you!