Who are we, anyway?

Hi blogoshpere!

Welcome to the story of a wedding.  My story in particular is over a year in the making, as I’ve been engaged since August of 2007.  We made the agonizing (for me!) decision to hold off on any planning whatsoever until January of 08, in part because of my classes, and also my sister’s wedding in October.  Sometimes I would give anything to have those relaxing few months back, but other times (such as when we hire a new vendor or make another wedding-related decision) I revel in the knowledge that thanks to my efforts, we are going to have a beautiful day with friends and family to celebrate our love.

The Mr. and I have been together for just over 5 years.  We love to hit the links together, go for a bike ride, catch a flick, and play with our cat, Max.  Normally we would also enjoy playing Wii, but until we get a new sensor bar to replace the one that doesn’t work since Max chewed through the cord, we’re kinda stuck.

I work for a small start-up, specializing in socal media marketing and sales.  I adore my job and a huge plus is the fact that my employers are one of my best friends since I was 11 and her husband!  The Mr. is a electronics technician and spends most of his day driving around from client to client fixing photocopiers and setting up networks.  Although he hasn’t been working for his employer for very long, he’s already one of the top technicians in the province.  I’m incredibly proud of him!

Stay tuned over the next few months as I share the ups and downs of planning our wedding with you!


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