Mason jars: Versatile and on sale!

Yesterday evening the Mr and I were at WalMart picking up some necessities when I noticed mason jars on sale!  Not just mason jars, but boxes of 12, 500ml mason jars for under $10.


After doing some research, it seems as though regular prices for a box of this size is around $15.  But hey, $5 is $5 and this Dutch girl wouldn’t be able to pass up these savings…if I were using mason jars in my wedding.  I’m not, but I do love me a mason jar.  There are plenty of brides that do use them!

Miss Espresso is filling mason jars with flowers to use as centerpieces.


Ever-crafty Martha’s use of ribbons along the rim against a pale blue background lends an almost ethereal look to these jars holding candles.


And finally, a charming, outdoors-y look that I love: Hanging mason jars with candles.


Wow. Such a versatile item with so many ways to use it!  Are you using mason jars in your wedding? How?


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